Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Behind The Gunge: The Show That Almost Wasn't

So, today's blog actually starts..... quite some time ago.  We had planned to film with Steven way back at the end of 2017, thanks to my own "issues" I actually remember the publicity at the time.  A personal trainer whose pics suggested he was pectorally perfect who was in a vote against Gabriel.  Well, Gabriel is long since in the can but Steven fell ill and then became very busy. This is, in some way, a good thing. A model who has a packed schedule is one who is obviously in demand and therefore must have "something" about them. In other ways, it's a nightmare.  There was the vote.  The Splat Storm pre-order as well. The one thing Splat doesn't like doing is letting fans down and when a date suddenly became available we jumped at the chance, not just to make sure we fulfilled the pre-orders that we'd had but also because, well, he got away once and the tank doesn't like to be stood up...

An unusually relaxed start, I'm normally there half an hour before the model but today the timings allowed the luxury of nearly an hour to get things ready.  With things having been arranged at short notice, there wasn't a script prepared (well, I say script, more like an intended running order) so most of this time went into putting the show together!  Interview to start with, that would be standard. We didn't want to make the show just an "off the peg" show though but with limited time... so the first quiz would end up as a "will he won't he" type game that gave him every chance of staying clean.  We toyed with the idea of a balloon game but couldn't decide on the exact format so we kept it quiz based but decided to go with one that would tie in with Steven being a PT. It also then gave us the "hook" to base the show around... for each game he'd have a chance to stay clean but the chance would get less and less through the show. And yes, we'd play it fair and honest. Admittedly, he'd have to be a genius to stay clean but we would play it fair :)

When a "new" model arrives, as I've said before, it's something of a nerve wracking moment for everyone. That moment of nerves lasted all of a split second as when Steven walked in he had an air of calmness about him that made it clear that today was going to go well.  Winning smile, check.  No arrogance, check.  Top that showed off what looked to be a really good pair of pecs.... CHECK! And, whilst Pete mixed the first batch of gunge, I ran through the format of the day, the hints and tips of getting out of the tank when dripping with gunge and, most importantly of all, what atmosphere we wanted the show to have.  And the best thing of all, it was clear he really understood. Sometimes models take a while to work out what's going on, sometimes they take the entire show to twig... Steven got it instantly.  I can't emphasize enough how much easier this makes filming, it means the on screen chatter flows naturally, it means doing the photos is a joy and it means that we don't need to spend too much time before each segment explaining what's going on.  Today absolutely flew by!

Steven is so easy to talk to.  Yes, I get VERY carried away talking during the shoots but when you've someone as easy going and fun as Steven it's difficult not to talk nineteen to the dozen. So yeah, the interview was easy.  His first quiz... as always, no spoilers.  My vaguely PT related game, he took a few minutes to twig I wanted lots of gunge but by the end he gave me what I wanted and then some.  His other quiz, well I'm pleased to say that with the tank back on the other side of the room my aim has improved massively ;)

I'm unbelievably jealous of his body. His pecs (sorry to every other model I've worked with) were the best I've seen in the tank in a long time. But that's the bit that's left me happiest today, and made me realise just how much working with Splat has changed me.  Last August I was terrified of being in the room with Jon because his body was so good.  Today I was jealous... definitely. But definitely not scared.  Looking back at the two shows I did, I wish I'd had the courage to go topless in them.  Okay, I don't have pecs like Steven's but today's made me realize how far Splat has taken me.  But that's because Splat has a superb track record for finding brilliant guys to have in the tank.  Sometimes it takes us a little longer than planned to get them in there but, like the Mounties, we always get our man.

And in the Splat Storm.... we get them GOOD!

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