Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Behind The Gunge: Messy Easter 2018 Shoot


Every shoot for Splat this season seems to be a big shoot.  Either sheer quantity of numbers (the day of the boybands), seriously talented actors/models (Henry) or, as in today, sheer quantity of gunge.  Also, a big day for me personally as well but more of that at the end.

We've had a whole batch of new faces this season so it's about time the returners...
Um..... returned. In one corner we have the muscle mountain that is Kyle and in the other we have the mountain of talent that is Joe.  It was a pairing too good to ignore and what better way to throw them together than in Splat's first Easter special in far too long a time. When Joe turns up he normally hosts so, to make it extra special, we put him in the midst of the action.

Now Easter isn't an "obvious" hook but I think we pulled it off.  We squeezed in eggs of numerous sorts (not just the chocolate ones Joe and others munched their way through off camera), food reviews of hot cross buns (yes really and repeatedly), bunnies (you will love how they both look in bunny ears), Coc... sorry chickens and chocolate. And chocolate. And more chocolate. Oh and lycra of course ;) As usual I don't want to give away too much but I think I can safely make the following claims about the Easter show:
- seriously big rankings (I'm the one that fills it between takes and I guarantee I was to the absolute limit every time)
- gloriously colourful tankings (full tank means lots of new gunge made up as the show progressed)
- banter by the bucket load (Joe and Kyle get competitive and sneaky and I'm off camera trying not to collapse laughing)
- props and new games (if you watched on the live feed you'll know we really worked on making them as fair as possible before recording them) 
- and most importantly it has everything that makes Splat what it is, daftness, fun and damn good tankings. 

I write these blogs on the train home so everything is fresh in my mind.  This show is going to sit in my brain for a long time to come.  Joe was the first show I ever bought so working with him bought back a huge amount of happy memories.  He's fast witted, easy going and inventive.  He knows what the fans want.  He knows how to deliver it and he does it without any pretentions. I don't think we could phase him with games and quizzes... but after today damn it I plan to try.  Though this is Joe who, a few days ago, we sent a picture of a bunny girl outfit to and said "This is what you're wearing".... and he replied with his bust size.

So that's what we got up to today.  Buy the show and you'll see just how mad it got.  Even I cheekily got in on the anarchy a few times.  And this where I want to say why this was such a big day for me.

Yeah, injury and illness have meant I've not been at the gym as much as my brain would have liked.  When you have dysmorphia, being away from the gym can make things challenging.  Kyle is a big guy.  Trust me.  He fills that tank. So I had to be sure that I was going to cope today.  I've had nothing but reassurance from Pete and Joe for the last week or two.  Splat really is in my corner.  I know Pete is watching out for me and Joe is so insanely funny he's impossible not to be cheerful around.  So when I turned up this morning I knew 100% I was in the safest hands I could be.  And Kyle... Yeah.  He's a big guy but another one that doesn't have any arrogance in his body. Just muscle.  And a wicked smile.  If you're thinking about a private shoot I can assure you that Splat is a really welcoming environment. Pete knows how to find the right people and he knows how to make people relax and be at their best.  Trust me, if *I* feel safe at Splat (and I really do) then it must be a truly special environment. And I hope today we've made an insanely special show for you as a result of it.

James (Fitgeek_UK on Twitter)

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