Sunday, December 31, 2017

End Of Year Message

Hey guys,

Pete here with my annual end of year and season message!

Where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday that Benji and Jordan were here filming the first show of season 15. But nearly a whole year has passed since then and a lot of guys have taken a trip into our Gunge Tank for your pleasure.

Of course things don't always go to plan, the less said about the David and Matty shoots the better. But there has been far more ups than downs this year compared to last. Good thing too, this could of easily been the last season I would produce if 2017 was a repeat of 2016. Thankfully 2017 was a good year. I was finally able to sort my time out to get the shoots done, admin the website and still hold down a full time Job. Something that nearly killed me in 2016.

When I look back at the year just passed, I feel like its the strongest season I have produced since taking over the shoots. Every shoot was a joy to work on. Meeting new models, welcoming back old faces and meeting fans at private sessions. Everything was just a pleasure.

So what are my personal highlights from this year? Scouting Aiden early on the season was a true gem. Persuading models to come on the show is a challenge, we put the hard work in and Aiden agreed to come and shoot. The results? Possibly my favourite shoot of the year. From working with Aiden, to talking to him off camera about Splat!, the whole shoot was a fantastic experience. It was also a great pleasure for me and the fans that Aiden agreed to come back and film our Halloween Special too!

Josh's shoot was a also a standout moment from me. I won't go into into much depth, but have you actually watched his show!?

As we move into our next season we have some big stuff planned. We already have our massive season 16 shoot planned and you can support it via the website. We also have a MEGA star booked for a shoot in February too but we will reveal that closer to the time. Our legacy models will return for our first three model Splat! Show. During season 15 Ash, Kyle and Jon went head to head in various shows and closing this legacy battle specials with a mega three way has to be done! Oh, but we will get Ash and Jon together first! We have so much coming!

We have also revealed that we are building new equipment for the show. These will come online over the course of season 16. We will have more details soon!

I want to thank every single model who has come to Splat! HQ this year to shoot their shows. Thank you to the lovely fans I have met during their private sessions and I want to thank you, the fans who support the shows. If you are a member of the fan club, buy one show or many, just thank you! I love what I do (mostly) and Splat! is nothing without your support!

Thank you Splatters!

Have a great new year!


James (Fitgeek) for his support

Ash for mechanical support

Tim Willett

My Bed 

My Washing Machine

All of you! (well if you enjoy what we do, if not why are you here!?)

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