Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Final Stretch...

Hey guys,

First off, where the hell has the time gone! This year and the season have really flown by, it only seems like yesterday that Benji and Jordan were here at Splat! H.Q filming the first show of the season… and what a season it has been! 

As we now gear up for the final few shoots of this season, now is the perfect time to check in with you all about how this year has gone and what you can expect for the rest of the season and beyond.

If you follow us on Twitter, you will already know that we took a few risks this year. Risks I hear you cry? If you know what we do, you will know that we hire models to feature on the shows. But this season we did something a bit different and featured some fans of the site appearing along side our models. This turned into our Jon and Friends mini series. This set of shows were great fun to film but sadly they did not perform well for us. We actually lost money on them overall, but do we regret it? No. We are always aware that some shows won't do as well as others. It's just how things go and we also know that you all have different tastes (something our poll highlighted) so we still plan to make a wide range of shows with a huge range of things in to make sure that there’s always something for everyone.

Looking back at our regular shows, Jason is an obvious standout. Jason was really great to work with and hisfirst show is our top performing show of the season to date with Josh a close second. We also had a great time filming our head to head Legacy model shows with Ash, Kyle and Jon. Putting these guys head to head with each other was super fun and many of you enjoyed them too! It is a shame we didn't team Ash up with another model sooner as he really enjoyed doing the shoot with Kyle even though he ended up in the tank more than he liked! We still have two shows left to film in this seasons legacy model head to head shows. The first is Ash Vs Jon, something dreamed up during the “Jon and Fans” shoots and then a massive three way show featuring all THREE Splat! legacy models which is going to be great but will be a tough challenge for us to pull off! I just wonder if the tank is large enough to get all of them in there at once? 

It has also been a pleasure for us to meet more fans who booked private sessions with us this year. We understand that you can now book sessions with other sites, but the feedback from private session bookers is that we have the experience, history and ideal location they list a reasons why they choose us. And want to thank them all! Private sessions really help us fund the productions and keep us going and it's great to make peoples dreams of getting gunged in a real gunge tank come true! We will continue to offer private sessions next season and we also be adding new options too! Your suggestions as to what you’d like from a private show are always welcome, just as long as they’re practical.

Finally, we would like to finish by thanking you, the fans for making this season such as success. Yes, we know the season is not quite over yet, but it doesn't hurt to say a BIG THANK YOU now. This year has been great but there have also been a few issues that we don't want to get into to much because we don't want to come across negative. Let's just say that we do welcome competition but some of the actions of others haven't really been in the spirit of friendliness which has, at times, been detrimental to my own happiness.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of this season.

Thank you again! 

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