Monday, June 12, 2017

Fail, Change, Compare & Change for The Better

Hey guys,

Hands on the table time. Earlier this year two models, David and Matty dropped out of their respective shoots. The fall out has been well documented over the past few months. We abandoned the pre-shoot and pay per vote gunge tank votes after the said problems with Matty and David.

The shoots with Tom and Aiden were the first shoots to take place without a pre-shoot and paid for Gunge Tank vote in place.

We reintroduced the pre-shoot and paid per vote Gunge Tank model with our most recent shoots that took place this week with Jason and Kurtis.

Are we going mad?

No. We simply wanted to take this chance to compare which works out for us best business and customer wise. We now have the raw data from both sets of shoots to compare which system works for us better. It also turns out it will work out better for you too.

The results? It's black and white.

It's not just better for us business wise, but also customer satisfaction wise. We had a few guys email us on the morning of the shoots with Kurtis and Jason asking if they could get the pre-shoot, vote after we closed these orders. It appears that Matt and David dropping out last time caused some hesitation from customers about placing orders for items that have yet to be filmed with the shoots from Kurtis and Jason. That is completely understandable.

Releasing the vote and special video after the shoots and having them available for an extended time also makes sense for us. We could film a great pre-shoot with a model, but then we restrict who get's access to it. You guys lose out and we lose out. Maybe you did not order a pre-shoot or took part in a vote because we used a crappy picture, you would miss out.

We understand all this seems pretty obvious on the surface but we needed to test both systems to get a better understanding and be 100% sure.

Now the data is in, we will moving to this new model permanently. We will still be offering LIVE Passes, but we will be moving to a post shoot release system for the remainder of the season.

We will be starting with the Jason and Kurtis material. We did restrict the pre-shoot and vote to customers. We will be contacting them directly with the change and detailing compensation with full details and terms in those said emails.

Thank you for reading guys, we love what we do but we can only do what we do if we get the funding right.

Thank you for being so supportive over the first half of this year.


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