Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kurtis and Jason: Support Updates

Since the David and Matty shoot problems we encountered at the start of season 15 we dropped the pre-shoot and pay per vote Gunge Tank vote formats. Since we made these changes we have found it harder to raise the funds to produce the shoots. With this in mind we have re-introduced the formats for our next block of shoots that we are shooting in early June. We are doing this so we can carry on bringing you the best possible shows and new models going forward.

The format worked well in the past and we only stumbled upon problems earlier this season with David and Matt. Most of the models we have worked with have turned up and made the shoots. We want to produce the best material we can and while we will continue to look at other ways to fund the shoots and make up for shortfalls we will be re-introducing this tried and tested formula.

We don't want to increase the prices of our main shows, something we have not done since we started the show over ten years ago. Our pre-shoot and Gunge Tank Votes help some shoots break even and help others that although we make a loss on minimises the damage so we can continue.

Of course there will be problems but we will work through them as we have always done. Most of the you have been understanding when we do encounter problems but we will be working hard to ensure that any problems that do arise are dealt with in the best possible manner.

We hope you can support the shoots with Kurtis and Jason with the Gunge Tank Vote, Pre-shoot and LIVE pass. All of these are now live on the site.

Thanks guys!

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