Thursday, February 09, 2017

Aiden's Pre-shoot Text Interview

We are kicking off season 15 by shooting with many new faces, we are shooting with semi-semi-profressinal footballer and model Aiden on 10th Feb.

Here is his interview that he kindly agreed to take part in before this shoot.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am a down to earth, energetic person that doesn’t take themselves too seriously! Although can be professional and extremely competitive when I need to be, as I am a semi-professional footballer and a full time model.

What other modelling or appearance jobs have you done? 

I have done a variety of different clothing brands but most recently doing shoots for ASOS marketplace! Along with this I have done underwear, catwalk, bridal and location shoots.

Why did you want to appear on the website and show? 

When I got approached it looked like lots of fun and something I would love to do!!

Why do you think people would like to see you on the show? 

Because I am a normal down to earth lad, that just happens to be a footballer and a model!! So they wouldn’t be getting anyone stuck up themselves, and would be getting somebody who can have a laugh and doesn’t mind being laughed at!!

There is a part in the shoot where we reveal if you have been voted into the Gunge Tank via the viewers in a vote. Why do you think people would vote you into the Gunge Tank? 

Because they would want to mess my hair up!! and maybe want to see me with my top off (I don’t know haha)

Why should we not Gunge you? 

I think you should!

Any reason why we should gunge you? 

Because I’ve always wanted to be gunged since watching get your own back from a young age!

Do you remember any messy shows from your past. Such as TV shows? 
I fondly remember Get Your Own back, Fun House and loved Noel's Gunge Tanks so cannot wait to be on the Splat! Show.

If you could see anyone in the Gunge Tank who would it be and why? 

My best mate dan!! Because it would be hilarious and he would probably end up falling over or something!! Or David Beckham as he is my hero haha

If you could pick the colour of the Gunge in a game what would it be and why? 

RED – for Manchester United

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