Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Rough Patch - An Update

Hey Guys,

I want to give you all an update regarding the Matt and David shoots that were due to film this past week. Both of the models pulled out of their shoots. David gave us two days notice and Matt only gave us a HOUR notice before being a no show.

After this disaster, things need to change. The pre-shoots are now dead in their current form. We cannot keep letting viewers who order the pre-shoots down. We placed too much faith and trust in the models to keep to their side of the deal. The pre-shoots are essential for us since they help us fund the shoots. So what are we going to do?

The pre-shoots will change into special videos that will be released and available for a limited time. The difference here is that they will be filmed and ready to go before any viewer places an order. They will also get the videos straight away. In many ways you could argue that this is what we should of been doing anyway. This also ensures viewers know exactly what they are buying into. The downside for us on a business side is that we will have to bear the costs of the shoots upfront but that's a price worth taking if it protects the viewers from situations like the Matt and David shoots.

The Gunge Tank votes will also change too. Here the model will change from pay to vote to free to vote. This means everyone can vote. As no money is being taken at this stage, if a model drops out we can reset the vote and add a replacement if time permits. The video of the vote result including the Gunge Tank Escape will then be available to buy on the site for a limited time. This also means that if the model you voted for does not get Gunged in the vote or the escape then you have the choice to buy or not.

We hope these changes will protect the viewers from what has happened this past week and we hope these changes work out better for us too.

I want to thank everyone who has placed a pre-shoot and Gunge Tank vote for Matt and David for being so understanding as we deal with the fallout from their lack of professionalism.

We will be contacting all pre-shoot and Gunge Tank vote viewers today.

Also we will be updating the site later tonight with the first new Gunge Tank vote!

Thank you,

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