Friday, September 09, 2016

Remaining Season 14 Shows Shooting Schedule

Over the next three weeks we are embarking on our biggest ever shooting period in our history. This will probably kill me but I'm sure it will be worth it. We are bringing the season 14 shows to end by shooting the remaining shows we have planned for this season. Here you will find a handy timetable for the shoots we have planned over the next few weeks including details on deals and LIVE passes.

Saturday 17th September: Shooting Kyle U Control

Shoot Brief: Shooting the second part of Kyle U Control. Viewers who have downloaded the first part of the show now have the chance to control the rest of the shoot. They get to choose the Gunge, games and outfits. Viewers have to download the show before Wednesday 14th to make their votes count.

Can I watch LIVE? Yes, if you have already downloaded part one of Kyle U Control you can will be invited to watch live. You need to have purchased part one of Kyle U Control before Friday 16th September to be receive the invite.

Sunday 18th September: Shooting Simon's Final Splat! Show

Shoot Brief: Simon returns to The Splat! Show for the very last time to film our season 14 finale show. This is shaping up to be the biggest and messiest show of the season. Simon is also up against Anthony in the last season 14 Gunge Tank vote.

Can I watch LIVE? Yes. To watch live you need to order the pre-shoot special that covers Simon's shoot and Anthony's shoot.

Monday 19th September: Shooting Anthony's Splat! X

Shoot Brief: Anthony has been one of the biggest new Splat! Show models this season. This shoot will consist mainly of Splat! X material. We will also be shooting a few other bits for the normal Splat! Show.

Can I watch LIVE? Yes. Splat! X subscribers can watch Anthony's Splat! X shoot live while viewers who order the pre-shoot exclusive that covers Simon and Anthony can watch the normal Splat! Show material.

Tuesday 21st September: Tom's Charity Show Shoot

Shoot Brief: Aids campaigner, fund raiser and blogger will be coming to the Splat! Show for a charity Splat! show with all the profits raised going to Tom's chosen charity.

Can I watch LIVE? Yes, we will be offering a LIVE pass. This will be announced on the site shortly after Anthony's shoot.

Dates to be set

Date to be Set: David L's Shoot. Please check back here for date and follow our Twitter for latest news.

Shoot Brief: David's Splat! Show has been the biggest selling show this season. We welcome him back to the Gunge to take part in a special show and give him his award for best selling show.

Can I Watch LIVE? Yes. A special pre-shoot video will be announced shortly.

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