Thursday, July 28, 2016

Splat! Shooting Diary: Anthony's Shoot

Hey guys,

Here is the Splat! diary entry for Anthony's shoot.

Anthony's shoot took place on the Tuesday after we shot our new BF VS GF show that will be released in a few months.

I contacted Anthony after coming across his profile and I really hoped he would respond to my email about appearing on the show. After a few emails he agreed to take up the offer.

When he arrived at Splat! HQ for his shoot he admitted he did not check out the website beforehand. This is actually more common than you would think. We always put the site address in every email we send out and we encourage the potential models to take a look. So what did Anthony expect? Well he was expecting to go head to head with other contestants. He did not know he would be sole contestant on the day!

Anthony was of course with fine with everything. He actually relished the idea of being the sole star for the day. So just what is Anthony's background? It turns out he jacked in his day job in after starting to model. He has done everything but told me he was a fan of adult work because well, it paid well. As soon he told me this I knew the shoot would go very well as models who have done adult work will do pretty much anything as they are generally very relaxed. He was.

After introducing Anthony to our Gunge Tank we started the shoot. I had so much fun at the shoot and working with Anthony. He loved the Gunge but seemed to have a little problem with the clothes. It's not he would not wear them, it just seemed like they was bothering him. He could not keep his hands out of his privates! Strange but funny!

You guys voted for Anthony to get the Gunge in the public vote and loved the idea that you guys voted him in over the other model!

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