Monday, July 04, 2016

Splat! Shoot Diary: Euro 2016 Splat! Match

Welcome to a new feature here on the Splat! Blog. Shoot Diary entries. I will writing these as soon as I finish the shoots and will be posted here on the blog when the videos are released. I hope it gives you a bit of background on what happens at the shoot and some interesting isights.

Euro 2016 Splat! Match. Shoot date: Saturday 2nd of July

Ah, Splat! Match. We have been trying to get Splat! Match up and running with Ash for two years now. This year we are going to be doing it properly.

The Set Up

I wanted to do something special to mark the Euro 2016 Football Tournament. I linked it to the Splat! Match concept. The model I had in mind was Ash. He knew he was going to be doing Splat! Match this year so I set about setting up this special. I asked him to if he would not mind shooting some promotional material. I did not tell him before the shoot that I actually wanted him to star in this, the Euro 2016 Special. So Ash was totally unaware he was about to take part in a very messy shoot.

The reveal

So shoot date arrived. I told Ash we had ordered a brand new England kit for him to film the promotional material in. Ash got changed and then made his way into the Splat! Studio. As Ash walked in he saw the tank was already set up. He of course, confronted with the Gunge Tank set up, asked why it was all set up. I simply said it was just to add to the atmosphere of the promotional material. So he sat down and we got ready to get underway. I then dropped the bombshell that he would actually be doing a messy quiz. Of course he was shocked but was actually also pretty excited as he had not shot in the Gunge Tank yet.

Just Like Noel's House Party 

Looking back on the shoot now, it really felt like an episode of Noel's House Party. It was a Saturday night, a live audience was watching at home, a surprised guest victim and a Gunge Tank ready to unleash it's terror.

I led Ash into the Tank to start the show off. Even this felt very NHP like. Knowing that a whole tank of gunge sat above Ash waiting to be released increased the tension and anticipation.  Ash said he was a little nervous about getting his first tanking in the tank he built.

Unleash The TANK!

In this show, it was just like a real game of football. The quiz was split into two halves. The first half was questions based on the English and Welsh Squad. Ash got pied if he got a question wrong and if he got more wrong than right then he would get gunged. Well of course he got many wrong and the tank was unleashed. Ash was pretty surprised by the power of the Gunge Tank, even shouting WOW during the Gunge deluge.

In the second half of the show we quizzed Ash on Icelandic football. The reason is because Iceland knocked England out of Tournament. This time we used the Gunge Blasters for each wrong question. But this time if he got more wrong than right he would get a Ice cold shower from the Tank!

I really had a fantastic time shooting this special with Ash. I hope you enjoy watching it!

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