Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Aaron and Jon Shoot

Hey Splatters!

It's been a long time since we last posted a post here on the Splat! Blog but here is an update regarding the last set of shoots that took place this past week.

As some of you are aware there was a massive mess up. Aaron got lost on the Monday, the day he was slotted in to shoot. Jon was acting as the presenter on that day and then would return the following day to do a shoot of his own.

Jon turned up on time on the Monday. By the time I picked Jon up at the station Aaron messaged me to say he was lost. I asked him to send me his location. He was in north Wales!? Yep, Aaron was three hours away at the time the shoot with him was due to get underway. So with Aaron three hours away and Jon already here I had to make a decision. Send Jon home or make something of the day.

So we shot a fantastic new show with Jon, a show that had to be planned on the day as we went along. The show is fantastic and I am sure it will please many of you when  it is released later this year. The down side to doing an unplanned shoot with Jon is that we did not budget for the shoot. But I am hopeful that we can cover the costs when the show goes live.

The content we shot over the two days is great with some fantastic Gungings. But I want to tell you all now that these two days have been the hardest and most challenging two days I have had since taking over the shoots. My stress levels where so high I was tempted just to cancel both days and stop shooting there and then. I only kept going because of you, the fans.

We are about to announce our shoots for July and I will be making some changes. Most of these changes you won't directly see on the videos we produce but I am going to be spending more time before the shoots to ensure that things go more smoothly. This means I will be dedicating more time to Splat! and the shoots in an effort to smooth the process and try to lower my stress levels.

If you have been to a Splat! Show shoot you will know that it's not all fun. The shoots are incredibly hard and will test the patience of anyone. Even when the shoots are over, it is not over for me. The clean up takes around 6 hours. I understand that many of you are eager to get the videos but it really is not helpful for people to email us asking for the videos straight after we tweet the shoot is over. At this time I am dealing with litres and litres of gunge that has a mind of it's own. It get's everywhere and the clean ups are very time consuming.

I am sorry if this post is a little negative, that is not my intention. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you all.

I hope you guys are enjoying the new shows and the new Gunge Tank. I just need you to understand that since the new Tank has been operating, running the shoots with a machine as big as the new tank is a challenge.

At the end of the day it's still worth it. The messages I get when we release a new show are great and I welcome all the feedback.

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy what we have coming.

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