Thursday, September 03, 2015

Jamie Pre-Shoot Interview

We are embarking on another two day shoot next week (why do I put myself under so much stress!) and we are shooting with Jamie and Kieron.

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Here is our text pre-shoot interview with Jamie.


1) Please tell us about yourself, the basics. Name, (as you want to be known or your real name), occupation, goals and dreams 

2) Why do you want to appear on the Splat! Show? 

3) Do you remember any messy TV shows from your childhood or adulthood, if so which ones and what memories do you have of them? 

4) How do you feel about the possibility of getting gunged in the Gunge Tank? 

5) Why do you think people would want to see you get gunged? 

6) Are there any reasons why we should not gunge you? 

7) Are there any reasons why you feel you should be gunged? 

8) As well as the gunge tank and messy games being the focus of the shows, they also feature physical challenges. How physical are you, do you play any sports? 

9) The Splat! show mainly feature models, athletes or aspiring actors. What are you? 

10) If you could see anyone in the Gunge tank, who would it be and why? 


1) My name is Jamie Edwards, I'm 22 from Derbyshire. i work full time as a production team leader at Swadlincote windows and i do modeling part time. My goal is to be sign to a top modeling agency and be the face of a large company that's known worldwide. 

2) I Think it would like nothing i have ever done before, I find it quite exciting and it looks like it will be good fun 


4) I'm not looking forward to the possibility of getting gunged, I'm quite a neat and clean person, so getting gunged would be one of my worst nightmares but i'm always up for a good laugh. 

5) People would want to see me get gunged because they know i would not enjoy it 

6)No, I cant think of a good reason not to gunge me haha 

7)I should be gunged because it looks like it would be fun and so that i can say I've done it 

8) I love any physical challenges, I play all sports, football and cricket being my favorites, I would say I'm quite physically strong and would enjoy any Challenge 

9)I would describe myself as an ex athlete who is now an aspiring model. 

10) I would love to see Rita Ora in the gunge tank, mainly because i have a massive crush on her...

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