Sunday, June 14, 2015

Splat! Babes. Setting a few things straight!

Hey guys,

As you may of seen we have launched a new mini site today called Splat! Babes. Splat! Babes will for our female based shoots.

Over the years we have done the odd female shoot. It's a natural progression for us as there is a huge female market but I want to put some truth to some of the rumours going around.

  1. The main site will continue to just be for MALE WAM. In fact, it now just features just male wam as all the previous female shoots have been moved off the original site and into the babes mini site. 
  2. Do you follow us on Twitter and Facebook and the rest? Well guess what, you won't see any female stuff their either as we have opened new ones for our Female shoots.
  3. Doing female shoots is beneficial to our future male productions going forward. We will be able to pour more resources (money) into future shoots to produce better shows for you all.
  4. WE ARE NOT ABANDONING MALE WAM. These comments are just stupid. For one, I am a gay man I enjoy seeing fit guys guys on the show. It's why I started Splat! HQ all those years ago. So to say we are going to stop producing new male shows is just stupid and not true. 
  5. We won't be decreasing the number of male shoots. 
  6. Female shoots will help secure our future. Make no mistake, running a website like this hard. We have to deal with red tape, pay our taxes (which in the digital market has got incredibly complex over the last 12 months) so any financial support from a new venture like this is essential if we are going to continue. 
  7. Rivals and our enemies will use this to say " LOOK SPLAT! ARE NOT DOING MALE WAM ANYMORE". We expect this, but listen, we are telling you this is not the case. We are not going to stop producing our male material. As we say, if anything we will increase it and make it better. 
  8. We have split the female and male shows apart. We could of just started to produce female shoots and place them among the male shows but we don't want to do that. What we have done is create a new site, so if you don't want to see female wam, you don't have to click the link to enter it. You can just click the link on the main page as you always have to enter the MALE site. 
  9. There is will be no female wam on the current website. You know that site, the one after you click that LARGE ENTER BUTTON on the homepage. Well thats where our male shows live, like they have always have. But now there is no female content shows on there. 
  10. Funds from our MALE shows WILL NOT go to fund our female shoots. This is a condition we set. Each site will fund their own shows. We will use some profit from the female shoots however and pump them into our male shows. Why? because we are primarily a male site. 

Overall, things will just carry on as normal. We will continue to produce the BEST male wam on the net. We are ensuring that we are still here in another ten years, in a bigger and better state. And guess what, thats exactly what our rivals and enemies don't want. So don't listen to the hate. Enjoy the ride, our male content has never been better and with this, it will just get better and better.

PS there won't be any female content on this blog either, just to clarify! 


Anonymous said...

Any updates on the new tank?? Not heard anything for ages. Hope the massive funds raised for it are being spent wisely.

Splat! Blogger Poster Robot said...

Hey mate,

Yeah the funds are locked away. It's just a matter of time to get it sorted. Things have been pretty hectic but hopefully things will slow and allow us to move on with it!


Anonymous said...

Are you buying a tank worth £1000 ?

Splat! Blogger Poster Robot said...

Thats our budget yes.