Thursday, April 23, 2015

10 Years of The Splat! Show: Pete's Message

Hey Splatters!

Pete here! I hope you are all well and staying messy! This year Splat! HQ turns 10 years old. I can't quite believe it's really been ten years since the website as we know it today launched but here we are! I want to take a few minutes of your time to share with you some of my thoughts and stories over the years.

In 2005 the Splat! HQ website launched. Before launching the site I had was an active member in the male WAM community on various websites, mainly MSN groups and Yahoo Groups at the time. At around the same time I was at University studying Media Technology, which is basically like websites, video editing and photography. Towards the end of the first year, Rob contacted about setting up and launching our own website. Rob was really the driving force behind the idea at the time but I went along with it and we did our first shoot. With my experience with web and video design I was able to get the site up and running and Rob produced the first shows. Things then took off and I dropped out of University to concentrate on this new project. I got another full time Job while doing the site.

Rob shot the first season of Splat! and I would like to thank Rob for being there at the start. I would of not started Splat! without him. Rob then decided to stop producing the shows. Rob is still a fond fan of the site and supports the shows.

Things then got a little bit chaotic as we looked for another shooting location. Tim was the man to helm season two, and many fans consider his season to feature the highest production values. Season two was a great season. Sadly, Tim could only film a number of shows but the time was well spent. Tim also produced a few other shows over the years and Tim continues to advise me on certain aspects of the site, namely Splat! X

After Tim, Charlie took up the challenge of shooting the shows. For the first two seasons I was unable to attend the shoots as they were shot to far away from my home. With Charlie, the shoots took place about 30 miles away from my home town. This is when I started to do the prep for shoots myself and Charlie shot the shows. I did attend a few shoots but since I worked full time in another job I was unable to attend most of the shoots.

Charlie can be credited with the introduction of Splat! X and much more. Charlie is a great guy and we shot together for many years. Charlie had to move house at the end of 2014 and so we decided that it was time for me to take charge and shoot the shows myself. By this time I had my own place and was able to shoot the shows myself.

As I said at the start of this entry, ten years is a long time. I plan on posting more over the course of the year with stories and tales!

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Stephen said...

The last shoot with Andy is excellent!!

The fitness freaks 3 sounds like it could be even better as I hope there'll be plenty of nice shiny lycra.