Monday, December 08, 2014

Murphy's Pre-Shoot Interview

We recently shot with hunky model Murphy for our Christmas 2014 special, Messy Christmas. Here is his pre-shoot interview!

1.    Murphy – Just comeback from traveling in Mexico where I worked as a cross fit coach and personal trainer. My goals current goals are to start a career in sales and marketing and the dream is to set up my own business within the fitness industry.
2.    Looks like a good laugh, don’t mind getting a bit messy and I fancy my chances of staying clean anyway.
3.    Get your own back – used to entertain me when I was younger when a kid used to bring one of their parents or someone close to them that has habbits that bug them which were exposed through the various different challenges, at the end the kids would have to answer questions in order to lower the chair into the gunge tank always felt like justice had been served when they got dropped in.
4.    I don’t feel too keen on getting gunged in the tank I mean it took me a while to do my hair.
5.    People would want to see me get gunged because im way to fused about my appearance and would provide them with great satisfaction to witness me in a mess.
6.    The reasons why I shouldn’t get gunged is because a lot of effort went into looking good and would be a shame to ruin it!
7.    Because im sure a lot of people would love to see it might knock me down a peg or two but I doubt it.
8.    Im pretty physical played rugby at university and have had a few boxing matches, can’t get me out the gym.
9.    I am an aspiring model 
10.    Would love to see my little brother and sister dropped in the gunge tank the little terrors.

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