Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Owen's Pre-Shoot Interview

Season 12 is nearing the end, our next season will feature the debut of our new Gunge Tank! We are ending season 12 off with a bang. We will be shooting with brand new Splat! model Owen on November 11th and you can place your preorder for the special preorder only video here.

Before Owen takes the gunge hot seat for his feature length show and preorder only video, we spoke to him and asked him a few questions.

The Qs

1) Please tell us about yourself, the basics. Name, (as you want to be known or your real name), occupation, goals and dreams 

2) Why do you want to appear on the Splat! Show? 

3) Do you remember any messy TV shows from your childhood or adulthood, if so which ones and what memories do you have of them? 

4) How do you feel about the possibility of getting gunged in the Gunge Tank? 

5) Why do you think people would want to see you get gunged? 

6) Are there any reasons why we should not gunge you? 

7) Are there any reasons why you feel you should be gunged? 

8) As well as the gunge tank and messy games being the focus of the shows, they also feature physical challenges. How physical are you, do you play any sports? 

9) The Splat! show mainly feature models, athletes or aspiring actors. What are you? 

10) If you could see anyone in the Gunge tank, who would it be and why? 

The As

*my name is owen i am 23 years old. i work for a company cleaaning out airconditioning. but also my passion i am a stripper on the wekends. i do hope to become a full time stripper smile 

*i would like to appear on splat as i am new to the modeling and stripping world and i hope this will get my name out there and get me some work. plus sounds really fun  

*the possibility of being gunged is quite exciting seems like a good laugh, just not looking forward to the cleaning it off 

*why would people want to see me gunged? i cant think of any reasons but maybe just to point an laugh 

*reason for me to get gunged never know i could pull it off smile might look good in gunge 

*the reason not to gunge me would probably be cause it will ruin my hair haha 

* i would like ot think im pretty physical i go gym 5 days a week and i used to always play football with the lads 

* i would like ot see my mate jamie get gunged cause it would be hillarious

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