Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Operation Gunge Tank Construction Diary 1

Hey Splatters,

This is a little late but I hope you will forgive us as it's been a very busy time here at Splat! Not only have we just completed and released Ally's "Returner Special" which you can check out here but we have also been planning future shoots and projects.

Here is our first Operation Gunge Tank Construction Diary entry, the first of many as we build and complete our new gunge tank! In these updates will be sharing the latest news and picture from the construction.

In this first entry we want to share with you the first steps we have taken to make our new Gunge Tank a reality. It's been a few weeks now since we reached our donation target to get the funds for our new gunge tank. Since then we have had a few design meetings and have settled on the design we are aiming for.

The design of the gunge tank is going to look very muck like our first Gunge Tank that was featured in our first and second seasons of the Splat! Show. Ally will be building the new gunge tank because he is rather good with his hands.

The gunge tank will have a half door, have plastic sides and feature a huge gunge tank on top. The tank will have steel supports and will feature a base. We are also looking into adding a few secondary gunge tanks that will go into the tank via pipes that come down the side and on to the model, these can hold anything we like.

We have ordered the first metal frame and that should be with us sometime next week. We will post a picture of it then. We want to ensure we get the height right as we would like to use it inside so we can film all year round.

Check back next week for our second entry and we can share even more news. Please free to use the comment section below to suggest ideas for the new tank. We would love to hear them!

Until next week Splatters!

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