Thursday, June 05, 2014

A note about timed releases and other bits

Hey everyone, Pete here and I just wanted to address a few issues after reviving some feedback from the guys over on the UMD forum. The feedback releated to our timed releases and preorder only videos that have appeared on the site over the past few months. Many feel that these are unnecessary and some are confused as why we offer them.

Our limited time releases are mainly down to contractual issues with our models, mainly from the early days of Splat! Take for example the Lee lost gunge thank games we are currently offering on the site. We don't actually have a written contract with lee to releases theses videos so we are servely limited in how and when we can offer them. We also have limited timed release with other models such as Mr Watts where we can only release them over a certain period or whenever. Since then we have better contracts with models but we only offer these limited timed videos when we can. We do occasionally offer limited timed releases on other videos, such as the Pete and Ally video that is currently up because I don't want that video online for a indefinite amount of time. But that is just me!

In terms of our preorder only videos, they are something new that we only started over the past few months. We do these because quite frankly the cost of a shoot is huge and I am sure it would surprise a many of you how much money it costs to produce a shoot. Preorders reward viewers with a video that is exclusive to them for a certain amount of time as a thank you from us for support the shoot. We can't stress enough how important these preorders are to us. First they ensure we can shoot by making funds available for the shoot and secondly it tests the water out for a new model to ensure there is enough interest in a model to invest a shoot in. If we fail to get enough preorders the shoot simply won't happen. Many have raised questions about this, but I wonder if that's just certain people moaning they won't get access to the teaser videos and I guess the teaser images and videos that accompany a normal release.

It's simple a numbers game, it's harder than ever to get a shoot to break even and if we are going to continue then we need to take every opportunity to make that happen if we are going to carry on producing shoots with the best models we can sign up. I love what I do and I know lots of you enjoy our content too if you buy our content or not. But we can only carry on if we get the support.

Thank you for your time and remember that we always welcome your constructive feedback.

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