Sunday, January 06, 2013

Watch Ally GET PIED LIVE! as the Splat! Show goes LIVE!

We are broadcasting LIVE tomorrow Monday 7th Jan from 4pm UK time as part of our month long Ally special month.

Watch us BROADCAST LIVE for the first time on our UStream Channel here

From 4pm the channel will give LIVE with Pete and Ally hosting the special event. We will be asking Ally your questions, but please feel free to ask us any questions you like. At the end of this broadcast Ally will get PIED LIVE which will be a Splat! first.

So make sure you join us at 4pm Monday 7th HERE on our Ustream Channel to watch a Splat! first, and Ally getting PIED LIVE!


Anonymous said...

Loved the live show today guys. Really liked the interactive side of it and of course Ally getting messy is always awesome. Thanks.

Splat! Blogger Poster Robot said...

Glad you liked the show, it was not very well put together and more of trial and error and we was not going to pie Ally until the last minute because we saw how many of you we're watching! But we will be doing it again hopefully before the end of Ally month is up and we will be doing something more substantional messy wise with him! Help us out by buying the videos this month!