Sunday, April 08, 2012

Pre-shoot interview with Hugo

Hey guys,

1) Thank you Hugo for agreeing to do a Splat! Shoot, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

2) Splat! Usually features models or sportsmen, which are you?

3) What is your biggest dream and goal?

4) Why did you want to do a Splat! Show shoot?

5) How do you feel about the prospect of getting gunged and pied?


1) Ok, well I'm a down to earth friendly 24 year old man, I am outgoing, enjoy going out, playing my football, going to the gym, and I am rather educated with a Degree and a Masters!!! - I now work with looked after children and young people - so kids in the care system which is something that I'm certainly passionate about...

2) I would say I'm a model, and as noted in the blog I am currently Mr Leicester, and I finished 2nd in Mr England - I have done various fashion shows, shoots, etc

3) hmmmm, to have a prosperous future, that will bring exciting a fantastic salary, which will enable me to lead a rather pleasurable life ha!

4) To be honest, never done anything like this before, I always love a competition, and this looks as though it will bring huge laughter...:0 and also, this will give me something spicy to put on my portfolio

5) gunged or pied - bring it on - ha - so long as there are no harmful chemical within them! ha

6) hmmmm...hard one to answer without wanting to sound up my own ass, ha, - I would say, that i bring comedy, and charisma, - you see I'm selling myself :0 ha

7) of course, the first thing I think of when seeing gunge - get your own back! always wanted to go on that show, this for sure is going to be better !

8) hmmmm... I haven't got many enemies, but I would go for individual who is seriously arrogant, and stuck up! No need for it ....

9) I shoudn't be gunged really, I don't deserve it, I'm a nice guy, ha

10 - has to be blue, I'm a Leicester City fan!!! 
6) Why do you think people would want to see you on the site?

7) Do you remember or have any favourite messy tv shows when you was younger?

8) If you could gunge anyone who would it be and why?

9) Is there a reason why we should not gunge you?

10) What is your favourite colour?

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