Monday, April 16, 2012

Model Focus: Ben Kirby

During the early days of Splat! HQ we hired a young model called Ben Kirby. Since being messed up in the Splat! Gunge Tank Ben has found tremendous success as a fitness model. We would love to feature Ben on a future Splat! Show again, so if your reading this Ben and fancy another go, get in touch!

Here are some examples of Ben's recent fitness modelling work. CLICK HERE TO GO TO BENS SPLAT! SHOW PAGE AND SEE HIM GET CUSTARD PIED AND CAKED HERE.


Anonymous said...

Think you said he might be coming back before? Do hope so, would love to see more of him! His twitter btw is 2tickets1show if you need it... :)

Anonymous said...

LOL funny to see Ben Kirby on that exercise bike after his time getting gunged by Jon Janes on your exercise bike!

Splat! Blogger Poster Robot said...

Quick update, Ben won't be coming back. We tried but he has moved on to bigger things.

All the best for the future Ben!