Wednesday, November 02, 2011

End of an Era: Splat! Ceases Production In Rugby

Today we are announcing that we are ceasing production of the Splat! Show at our current filming base in Rugby.

Long time Splat! fans will know that we have shot in the town of Rugby, England for the past 4 years or so and have produced some fantastic material at our Ruby location. Gallons and gallons of Gunge have been poured over some of the best looking male models, sporting sportsmen and darling dancers over the Rugby years but all good things must come to an end.

Although we are moving on from shooting in Rugby, the Splat! show will carry on filming. We have already announced we are scaling back production next year, just shooting a few specials but THERE will be a seventh season of Splat! after 2012 at a new shooting location. While we currently do not have one in place, we hope to do so in a few months.

We are shooting in Rugby for the last time* this coming Monday with Pete the Splat! founder and Ally (yes, he is back and for the very last time, we promise!). We are sure Pete will end up in the gunge somehow after arranging the gungings of over 40 models during the past few years. BUT if there is anything you want us to film, use the comments section below now!

Good Looking? Get Gunged with a model THIS SUNDAY!

We are also filming with a hot male model this coming Sunday, the day before our last shoot. If you are good looking reader and want to be in the shoot then please email us at with a recent face picture. You will need to be free this coming Sunday!

Pete and Charlie (who is, if you have not guessed it, moving from Rugby, but is staying on as part on the team!)

*We will be shooting a special shoot with a special fan who paid for the privilege a while back, we are sorry it's taken to long, but we assure you sir, it will be worth the wait!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the models in speedos and get them to do an assault course with eggs in the speedos and the winner is whoever has the most eggs in tack.

Anonymous said...

hope there is still to be a lycra splat show!

Anonymous said...

Love the latest tog, especially the ones of Ste washing off Terence Rodia with the hose - should have done a video of that! Hope the shoot goes brilliantly on Monday, fingers crossed you might play some of the games for 2 models suggested of old? Did yo get to shoot this last week too? Good luck guys! :)

Splat! Blogger Poster Robot said...

Yeah we shot with Ally for a last time last week and we did a final ever Gunging with him in the Splat! Colours, it was rather Splat! Tactular if we do say ourselves!

The voting has gone great and one of the guys has so many votes that we might have to get him back to shoot again before we shut up shop in Rugby!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us during the Rugby years! Here is the future!