Monday, November 06, 2017

Jon Update - Working Out During Downtime

Hey guys,

Jon hasn't been at Splat! HQ since he wrapped production on The Jon and Friends Mini Series this summer. Do not worry Jon fans, Jon has not left Splat, he is just having a few months off. So what has Jon been up during his break away from The Gunge Tank? Well it appears Jon has been using the time off to work on his body. Want a look?

Jon was kind enough to send us some pictures of his progress so far.

What do you think?

Jon will be next at Splat! HQ later this month for his final show of season 15 and it's final entry in our Legacy Model Battle Specials. Yep, two of the biggest and most Gunged models in our history go head to head ASH VS JON!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our BIG Weekend

James has kindly provided us with this fantastic blog entry about our recent BIG weekend. Have a read, we are sure you will find it interesting!

When I did the “Jon and Friends” shoot for Splat, I think I thought “okay, that’s it, I’ve had my moment”. I definitely didn’t think that I’d be sitting on a train to SplatHQ again within a few months not just for a mini shoot but to take part in Splat’s biggest ever weekend.  Even on the train I didn’t have the faintest idea of what would be happening over the next day and a half…

Going back a week or so, there were a few minor issues that arose to do with the shoot.  One of the models “fell through” (that’s an understatement but go look on the Splat twitter feed for the full story) so I was communicating with Splat about possible replacements.  I managed to find someone I knew who was reliable and Splat agreed.  It was their idea to throw Aiden into the mix and make it an event.  It wasn’t really until the night before that I suddenly thought “Oh hell, this is actually more important to Splat than Jon and Friends was…. And I’ve been put right in the middle of it.”

Splat’s faith in me has been amazing, and with Aiden and Lycrastee on board, I knew I was going into something fantastic.  Pete gave me the honour of writing one of the games for Lycrastee, so the night before the shoot I was hastily trying to get information out of him that could be used for a game without actually giving away any of my intentions.  I knew it had to be a quiz (not because Pete had insisted but more because they were a simple way to get models messy, give them a chance to express their personality and have a bit of chat with them whilst we filmed) but I knew it had to have a special gimmick for Stee… With the questions written I crawled into bed and completely failed to sleep.

Delays on the tube meant I was running about half an hour late.  Turns out though that I wasn’t the only one who had had a rough night and Pete seemed quite glad of the extra minutes in bed.  He then sent the message that both terrified me and excited me.  Would I be willing to take charge of the Lycrastee shoot and then Pete would do the Aiden shoot? This may surprise you but I did have to stop and think.  There’s a big difference between going to Splat to get messy and going to Splat to actually present.  Of course I said yes, but it was the hardest three letter message I’ve sent! Especially as I knew there were votes and pre-shoots that he would be involved in.

Arrived at SplatHQ, ran through the day.  I’d do Lycrastee, Pete would do Aiden and then we’d shoot my Halloween special.  Yeah.  Looking back on it, planning to get three shows done in one day was always going to be a challenge, don’t ever think what Splat does is easy! You see the show (or hopefully the live feed).  You don’t see the endless mixing and lifting of gunge into the tank.  You don’t see the virgin host getting VERY nervous and desperately wondering if it’s too late to back out.  But it’s Lycrastee.  And it’s Pete.  I know I’m in safe hands and I’ve got support.  And when I say I did the Lycrastee shoot I mean it.  If you ever do a shoot, things I suddenly found I had to consider included keeping an eye on the time (both because Aiden was due at a certain time and also to make sure the segments were kept to the right length), what outfit to get the model in (something to make them look good, something they’ll be happy to wear and something that goes with the gunge you’ve got prepared), thinking of questions to ask them for the interview (not too personal, not too dull, and maybe extract things that can be used later in the show) and, most importantly of all, remember it’s the model the people are interested in, not the host.  Thankfully, Lycrastee was brilliant in everything he did.  He knew how to do quizzes for the camera, he played along with my prompting and hints for his “Give me the gunge” quiz and okay, he’s such a genuine person I really couldn’t bring myself to make him do a game he didn’t want to… and the replacement balloon game was hastily improvised BUT Stee, if you’re reading this, you are my hero.  It was an honour to gunge you and I hope I did you justice.

Aiden arrives… and my brain goes into overdrive.  If you’ve seen my “Jon and Friends” you’ll know about my dysmorphia and yes, when Pete announced Aiden as part of the weekend… okay I freaked out. Pete, I didn’t tell you this but yeah, the thought of working with Aiden did actually scare me.  I’ll never let it worry me again though because yeah, you genuinely know how to pick people that are easy to work with.  Aiden and Stee got the vote video done (and MASSIVE congratulations to Stee, the vote was painfully close and you should be very proud of that) and Aiden got his first tanking.  And yes, for every tanking there needs to be a refilling, a cleaning, more gunge mixed….  The pre-shoot video was a scream to shoot.  Okay I made the questions a little too hard (I’ve learned for next time) but Stee and Aiden went for it and made it the most entertaining head to head of the day.  And Stee got to foam up Aiden.  A lot.  And then tank him again.  It’s a hard life eh Stee ;)

With Stee heading back home to Cardiff, that left two shows to do.  And I think at this point both Pete and I knew it wasn’t going to happen. We knew Aiden would be easy to shoot with, I’d already realised I had nothing to be nervous about but we realised we still had something like ten segments left to do…  so the Big Weekend really DID become the weekend and I agreed that I’d come back the next day to do my stuff and potentially help out with Paul.  Best decision we made (well, second best… Aiden in those yellow shorts was easily the best) and it meant the atmosphere was more relaxed than it might have been.  Message for Aiden…. You’re a legend.  You took everything we threw at you (literally), you provided some truly great laughs and yeah…. I don’t want to say too much about your show except thank you for letting me do what I did. You never questioned a single thing and you have the makings of a gunge hero.  Pete ran the show, I was the hired hand and you were the weekend’s star.

With the decision made to do my shoot the next day, we did a clean up and I headed back to London for the night.  Pete also had to do washing an admin and get sleep as well… something to think about which I now realise more than ever before is that to make those two “hour long” shows took from something like 10am till 7pm.  I’ve never appreciated sleep so much.  I knew I’d be happy the next day….

My shoot was always planned to be unpleasant.  I also freely admit that I dreamed up most of it.  I wanted to give Splat something different to release and I wanted to make sure that my final appearance would be memorable.  It also meant that by going back I could do a vote segment with Paul, something that hadn’t been planned but would have been great.  Sadly Paul didn’t show which threw major spanners into the works but not half as big a spanner as Pete’s washing machine breaking down. Doesn’t sound too major?  Just remember the day before we’d shot TWELVE segments with two different models.  There wasn’t a clean towel in the place.  So Pete, oh magnificent Pete…. He took the “unpleasant” theme and ran with it.  Yes, he did check everything with me first.  Yes, I know that if I’d said I wasn’t happy with anything Pete wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow.  But you know what…?  There’s a reason the Splat shows are so good, and that reason is Pete.  Again, no spoilers because I really want you to buy my show but let me assure you one thing.  Day and a bit old gunge is VILE.  What you see happening in my show IS what happened.  It wasn’t stunt gunge that we pretended was old, it was 100% genuine old gunge.  It wasn’t water that I pretended was chilly… that water WAS freezing cold.  When you see me shivering, it’s real.  When you see me taking the cold, smelly gunge…. Yeah, I was determined to see it through.  Strictly between you and me, Pete very nearly won the last game.  Just don’t tell him that.

With Paul confirmed as a no show, I started cleaning down the tank whilst Pete finally disposed of the gunge.  And I thought that was it.  I thought I’d be leaving Splat HQ for the last time…. But then again I never thought, when I went there on the Saturday morning I’d be back on the Sunday.  And on the Sunday, I never thought Pete would……


No spoilers.

Because I know what’s coming next.  And you don’t yet. Enjoy the shows from the Big Weekend and know that plans are very much afoot…..


Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Final Stretch...

Hey guys,

First off, where the hell has the time gone! This year and the season have really flown by, it only seems like yesterday that Benji and Jordan were here at Splat! H.Q filming the first show of the season… and what a season it has been! 

As we now gear up for the final few shoots of this season, now is the perfect time to check in with you all about how this year has gone and what you can expect for the rest of the season and beyond.

If you follow us on Twitter, you will already know that we took a few risks this year. Risks I hear you cry? If you know what we do, you will know that we hire models to feature on the shows. But this season we did something a bit different and featured some fans of the site appearing along side our models. This turned into our Jon and Friends mini series. This set of shows were great fun to film but sadly they did not perform well for us. We actually lost money on them overall, but do we regret it? No. We are always aware that some shows won't do as well as others. It's just how things go and we also know that you all have different tastes (something our poll highlighted) so we still plan to make a wide range of shows with a huge range of things in to make sure that there’s always something for everyone.

Looking back at our regular shows, Jason is an obvious standout. Jason was really great to work with and hisfirst show is our top performing show of the season to date with Josh a close second. We also had a great time filming our head to head Legacy model shows with Ash, Kyle and Jon. Putting these guys head to head with each other was super fun and many of you enjoyed them too! It is a shame we didn't team Ash up with another model sooner as he really enjoyed doing the shoot with Kyle even though he ended up in the tank more than he liked! We still have two shows left to film in this seasons legacy model head to head shows. The first is Ash Vs Jon, something dreamed up during the “Jon and Fans” shoots and then a massive three way show featuring all THREE Splat! legacy models which is going to be great but will be a tough challenge for us to pull off! I just wonder if the tank is large enough to get all of them in there at once? 

It has also been a pleasure for us to meet more fans who booked private sessions with us this year. We understand that you can now book sessions with other sites, but the feedback from private session bookers is that we have the experience, history and ideal location they list a reasons why they choose us. And want to thank them all! Private sessions really help us fund the productions and keep us going and it's great to make peoples dreams of getting gunged in a real gunge tank come true! We will continue to offer private sessions next season and we also be adding new options too! Your suggestions as to what you’d like from a private show are always welcome, just as long as they’re practical.

Finally, we would like to finish by thanking you, the fans for making this season such as success. Yes, we know the season is not quite over yet, but it doesn't hurt to say a BIG THANK YOU now. This year has been great but there have also been a few issues that we don't want to get into to much because we don't want to come across negative. Let's just say that we do welcome competition but some of the actions of others haven't really been in the spirit of friendliness which has, at times, been detrimental to my own happiness.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of this season.

Thank you again! 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Splat! X Transforms To Splat! Show eXtra

Hey guys,

Today we have launched Splat! eXtra that has replaced the long running Splat! X. Splat! X was our more adult focused videos feature that was previously an email sent monthly to members.

The new Splat! eXtra replaces Splat! X with a dedicated website using the platform that included access to all previous Splat! X videos and new videos going forward. You can gain access to the new Splat! eXtra starting from today by subscribing.

All content on Splat! Show eXtra unlocks after you become a member and allows you to watch all Splat! Show eXtra material. We will be adding new videos from September 1st. You can stream all the videos using any device you wish. We will also be adding other exciting new feature to Splat! Show eXtra as the new site matures. 

If you are a previous Splat! X subscriber or new, The Splat! Show eXtra site has something for you.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Join The Splat! Show Fan Club

Hey guys,

Today we have launched our Splat! Show Fan Club on Only Fans.

We are always looking for news ways to connect with our fans and give them something new. After looking at the various fan club platforms that have sprung up over the past few years we have settled on Only Fans to provide us with The Splat! Show Fan Club.

All content on The Splat! Show Fan club is unlocked when you become a member. We will be posting exclusive content to The Splat! Show Fan Club and here is a taster what will be on offer.

  • Exclusive and timed exclusive videos from the shoots. 
  • Photo sets from the shoots, these are just for fan club members.
  • Watch new shoots live.
  • Latest news about future shoots and first look at the models taking part.
  • Chats with models and live interviews.

We want to say that the features shows will still be released on the main site as they always have. We will be using the fan club as an extra area for fans who want more content. We will be looking at how the system works over the next few months. 

We have some great content already on the fan club including a picture set from the Jon Vs Kyle shoot, a video message from a messy Josh and  Toby playing the Lucky or Mucky game - JUST FOR OUR FANS! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Fitgeek_UK (James) Blog Entry

Here is a blog entry written by James about his day at Splat! HQ filming the Jon and Friends: Finale show. Please read for some great insights to what happens at the shoots. Also please check out out his video diary too at the bottom of this post.

Okay, so you’ve either seen the show by now or are undecided about buying it.  Whichever side you fall on, I’m hoping that this final “behind the scenes” feature will whet your appetite for more Splat shows.  This isn’t a replacement for the video diary, more an “alongside” type piece, because there’s a LOT more to filming a Splat! show than necessarily comes across on screen.

So I’m James/fitgeek.  If you follow me on Twitter or have seen the interview parts of the video, you’ll know I have a condition called Muscle Dysmorphia.  Let me reassure you, it’s VERY genuine.  Splat knew all about it before the day and the first thing I really want everyone to know is how absolutely brilliant they were about it.  Once I knew I’d won, there was a lot of reassurance going on that if I had anxiety attacks or anything I simply had to say the word and we could pause filming whilst I calmed down etc.  As it happened, that wasn’t necessary but that’s entirely down to how brilliant both Splat and Jon were… but more of those two later.

So, having plucked up the courage to enter… it would be an understatement to say that I actually NEEDED to win.  That’s not hyperbole, that’s as genuine as it can be.  To say that hitting “send” on the application e-mail caused anxiety was an understatement.  I’ve been in therapy for nine months for my dysmorphia and I’ve got more ahead of me in the future.  Hence the campaigning.  Okay, there was an element of fun to that as well, but deep down having made the decision to enter I actually had a real need to win and see it though.  I don’t think I quite held my breath for the last hour of the poll but yeah, I was very much on edge. The sigh of relief when I won was followed a split second later by the thoughts of “Shit, I’ve won.  I’m going in the tank…. I’m meeting Jon”.

A few days after winning, a DM from Splat saying would I mind being in a three way with Josh and Jon.  Okay they didn’t quite phrase it like that (well actually that’s how it WAS put at one point, I’m surprised you didn’t all hear the fits of laughter from wherever you are in the world) but I agreed.  Another confession.  I actually didn’t mind which position I got for this.  I was guaranteed mess wherever I ended up, so at least for that one I could sit back and just watch the voting.  Okay, well maybe I actually sort of wanted the second place slot.  That actually seemed the most fun…. But I didn’t say that, honest J

So, two hour train journey (or, essentially, two hours of dysmorphia related relaxation whilst trying to drown out the sound of a screaming kid) and arrival at Splat.  Bit of general chatter and gossiping with Pete before things got underway and then…. Well okay, because I’m a fan of gunge as well as of Splat, I happily volunteered to get there “early” to help with set up.  This is the first bit you never really see on the video.  All that gunge…?  Needs to be mixed and prepared.  By the time each bucket is filled with warm water, the powder put in and stirred with an electric mixer, well each bucket takes I’d say about 5 minutes minimum to do.  I didn’t actually keep track of how many buckets of fresh gunge we got through (as well as re-using it for various bits) but I’m guessing a good dozen “fresh” buckets were made up during the course of the day.  So there’s an hour of prep that gets edited out of the video.  Mind you, that was more time for gossip and running through the plans for the day.

Jon’s arrival…. Freely admit that was the part that I was the most anxious about.  Being gay AND having muscle dysmorphia is a hellish combination, being actively attracted to people that are highly likely to trigger anxiety.  Jon, if you’re reading this, I know I said it on and off camera but let me say it out loud to absolutely every Splat fan out there.  You are a bloody hero.  I’ve seen loads of live feeds in my time as a Splat fan, I’ve seen all kinds of models.  Some of them simply don’t “get” Splat and there’s no sense of fun in the atmosphere.  As soon as I met you, I 100% knew that I was in very safe hands for the day in terms of dysmorphia.  At no point was there any diva-ness, no sense of “I’m Jon, he’s a fan”, you were staggeringly easy to work with and can’t thank you enough.  Enough of the mawkishness, back to the diary.

Interview time… There are lights on, I’m in the tank, Jon’s outside it.  (Must not stare, must not stare J ) What I don’t think comes across in the videos is that even with the sides of the tank being clear, there’s definitely a sense of being boxed in.  You *know* there’s a tank load of gunge above you and there’s also a definite echo in there! Interview goes smoothly (I’d told Splat I was happy to talk about dysmorphia and anything else they wanted) and I’m suddenly feeling relaxed.  Until the interview ends and…. No, if you’ve not already done so, go watch the video!  Let’s just leave it as, after fan requests, there was a minor twist to my first tanking that I’m told looks really good on video.  It certainly made for a different experience being on the receiving end of it.  Shower number one, a new set of lycras (okay, seriously, by this stage I had my dysmorphia under control, it was other things *ahem* showing up on camera that I was now more concerned about) and time for the quiz.

Let me reassure you, EVERYTHING you see in the video about the quiz is genuine.  There weren’t any stitch ups, that really was played for real.  As was Stop the Snot.  And let me tell you, Jon is a superb person but he is competitive!  Plus he’s too experienced in some things for me to have stood a chance.  Did I play to win or play to get gunged…..?  Watch the video and decide for yourself.  I’ll happily confess the answers in private another time.  Again though, something you won’t see on the video is the showering (well, obviously not!) but just remember that between each game, at least one person has to get showered off and gunge has to be cleaned up/mixed up.  I’ve done amdram in the past (who just shouted “We’d never have guessed!”) and I know how there are certain types out there who have a part in the production (actor, lighting, sound etc) and JUST do that.  Trust me, there’s NONE of that at Splat.  It’s a fantastic atmosphere and, for want of a better expression, we all mucked in.  And know what?  By this stage it didn’t even seem weird to me that Jon and I were barely dressed in lycra between shoots… that room gets WARM by the way.  Even with windows open, you’ve got buckets of steaming gunge (yes, seriously, at one point the gunge was so warm it was steaming!) lighting and three people in there.  Want to know why at one stage I chose relatively skimpy lycra?  Because anything more and I would have melted!

You can watch the video to find out about the rest of the games.  The final bit I really want to point out is the bit you definitely don’t see on the live feed or the video.  The clear up.  I know you’ll love the additional vote video we shot (I’d say my custard pie section was the best but…. Spoilers!).  Even if I hadn’t been part of the shoot I think it would still class it as one of the videos Splat has done (with second place going to Jon’s revenge on me for beating him in the quiz… you think I’m kidding, it’s now two days since the shoot and I’m STILL finding bits of dried gunge I’ve not managed to wash off from that trashing!).  But once the cameras are off and people are getting changed, that’s when the clear up operation needs to begin.  There’s no fancy plug or drainage system in the tank.  You get a bowl, you scoop out gunge, you pour it into a bucket, take the bucket down the corridor, empty it and repeat…. A LOT of times.  A dustpan gets the last of the gunge out of the bottom of the tank, then the sides get cleaned down, then the outfits (two contestants, six or seven segments, so anything up to fourteen or fifteen bits of gear) get rinsed out before being put on to wash.  Umpteen towels get scooped off the floor.  The carpet gets a basic cleaning with soapy water.  Huge quantities of custard cartons, cans of spray cream and other bits need to be disposed of.  It’s a mammoth job, one I knew all about from various non-Splat things I’ve done…. But often it’s just Pete doing it.  The Splat Storms have always been great but yeah, the hard work starts once the camera stops!

Jon leaves (and I mentally congratulate myself for remaining as professional as I could around him) and Pete and I take a very quick glance through the footage.  I really hope you love it.  As a Splat fan, I’d be very happy to have watched it. As a Splat contestant, it was the best experience I could have hoped for.

Home…. The sofa.  I finally switch my phone on and check twitter.  There’s been one image from the day posted so far.  My paranoia and dysmorphia try and convince me that it’s been liked because Jon’s in the picture.  Know what though?  Once I’ve done a quick bit of anxiety control… yeah, I look DAMN good in gunge.  And I know what’s ahead in the video…

Dedicated to (in no particular order): Chris, Chris, Chris (yes, three of them), Tim, Tim (yes, two of them), Alex, Patrick, Sarah, Richard, Joe, Joe (I need friends with unique names), Colin, Colin (this is getting ridiculous), Paul, Paul (okay, one of those is “third place” Paul who was a bloody hero to me during the contest and who made it seriously good fun), Alan, Craig, Jamie, Eddie, Gungebusted, Speedo, Briefs Fan, Flirty Shades, Speedopouch, Manwam, Toby, Gungeking, Andrew, Wayne and probably a whole host of others who convinced me I could do this.  You were all total stars, I really couldn’t have done it without you.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Behind The Scenes: EU VAT

Hey guys,

Running Splat! is not just about Gunging the guys and putting out the best shows we can. There are many little and big things that happen everyday behind the scenes to keep the site online and things running smoothly. We will be posing a number of posts, starting with this one that detail some of these behind the scenes challenges we face.

One of these is our VAT obligations. We currently don't charge VAT on our sales from the UK as we are currently below the threshold, but we do have to do this for customers buying from inside the EU. Two years ago the EU passed the EU VAT on E-services law meaning that any business supplying downloads to any EU country will have to report and pay VAT on these goods.

Since we offer video and picture downloads, we are required by law to report these sales. We have to report these sales on a quarterly basis and pay the VAT due to that respective country where the customer is based. To say this is a nightmare is a understatement.

Today we have completed our latest report for Q2 2017 and paid the tax due on the downloads from our viewers and fans in the EU. We want to thank all our EU based customers who have downloaded a show over the last three months, we are pleased to be able to offer our EU based viewers access to our shows by not blocking sales to the EU. A practice that has sadly gained popularity since the law was introduced. We would rather do the work so everyone has access to our shows, regardless where they live.

Also, it's also worth mentioning that we do not charge our EU customers extra to download the shows. We simply take the hit ourselves and pay the tax instead of increasing the prices for our EU customers. All our shows are inclusive of any Tax, and we have no plans to change this.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Fail, Change, Compare & Change for The Better

Hey guys,

Hands on the table time. Earlier this year two models, David and Matty dropped out of their respective shoots. The fall out has been well documented over the past few months. We abandoned the pre-shoot and pay per vote gunge tank votes after the said problems with Matty and David.

The shoots with Tom and Aiden were the first shoots to take place without a pre-shoot and paid for Gunge Tank vote in place.

We reintroduced the pre-shoot and paid per vote Gunge Tank model with our most recent shoots that took place this week with Jason and Kurtis.

Are we going mad?

No. We simply wanted to take this chance to compare which works out for us best business and customer wise. We now have the raw data from both sets of shoots to compare which system works for us better. It also turns out it will work out better for you too.

The results? It's black and white.

It's not just better for us business wise, but also customer satisfaction wise. We had a few guys email us on the morning of the shoots with Kurtis and Jason asking if they could get the pre-shoot, vote after we closed these orders. It appears that Matt and David dropping out last time caused some hesitation from customers about placing orders for items that have yet to be filmed with the shoots from Kurtis and Jason. That is completely understandable.

Releasing the vote and special video after the shoots and having them available for an extended time also makes sense for us. We could film a great pre-shoot with a model, but then we restrict who get's access to it. You guys lose out and we lose out. Maybe you did not order a pre-shoot or took part in a vote because we used a crappy picture, you would miss out.

We understand all this seems pretty obvious on the surface but we needed to test both systems to get a better understanding and be 100% sure.

Now the data is in, we will moving to this new model permanently. We will still be offering LIVE Passes, but we will be moving to a post shoot release system for the remainder of the season.

We will be starting with the Jason and Kurtis material. We did restrict the pre-shoot and vote to customers. We will be contacting them directly with the change and detailing compensation with full details and terms in those said emails.

Thank you for reading guys, we love what we do but we can only do what we do if we get the funding right.

Thank you for being so supportive over the first half of this year.


Friday, June 09, 2017

Cheeky Kurtis's Show OUT NOW!

We have just released our next season 15 show and it stars a brand new face we hope you will enjoy! Kurtis will be back later in the year with one of his modelling friends if you all want it and download his first show!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kurtis and Jason: Support Updates

Since the David and Matty shoot problems we encountered at the start of season 15 we dropped the pre-shoot and pay per vote Gunge Tank vote formats. Since we made these changes we have found it harder to raise the funds to produce the shoots. With this in mind we have re-introduced the formats for our next block of shoots that we are shooting in early June. We are doing this so we can carry on bringing you the best possible shows and new models going forward.

The format worked well in the past and we only stumbled upon problems earlier this season with David and Matt. Most of the models we have worked with have turned up and made the shoots. We want to produce the best material we can and while we will continue to look at other ways to fund the shoots and make up for shortfalls we will be re-introducing this tried and tested formula.

We don't want to increase the prices of our main shows, something we have not done since we started the show over ten years ago. Our pre-shoot and Gunge Tank Votes help some shoots break even and help others that although we make a loss on minimises the damage so we can continue.

Of course there will be problems but we will work through them as we have always done. Most of the you have been understanding when we do encounter problems but we will be working hard to ensure that any problems that do arise are dealt with in the best possible manner.

We hope you can support the shoots with Kurtis and Jason with the Gunge Tank Vote, Pre-shoot and LIVE pass. All of these are now live on the site.

Thanks guys!